UNICEF seeks editor-in-chief [Democratic Republic of Congo]

Experienced journalists interested in children’s media can apply.

UNICEF, in partnership with MONUSCO and UNOPS, created Okapi Enfant, an information network for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Okapi Enfant is a radio station (with a component on social media) mainly dedicated to children and parents to provide them with the necessary resources to improve their living conditions and contribute to their civic participation and emancipation.

Okapi Enfant is looking for an editor-in-chief who will be able to work on the content of the young reporters’ work with the station’s newsroom in Kinshasa for a six-month contract.

An advanced university degree in journalism, communications, external relations, public affairs, public relations or corporate communications, or an undergraduate degree, plus at least 20 years of proven professional experience in journalism are required.

Knowledge and experience working in emergency situations in general, and in Africa in particular, are appreciated.

For more information visit : https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2710249520/?referenceId=jV5RWDOho9802kGHUOJnuA%3D%3D&eBP=JOB_SEARCH_ORGANIC&fbclid=IwAR0XvXxNJKjGajHHocmVvxnNGqzpB1227exRw6cWtN1HmiXBgu_7CiqIMes



Author: Norice Emmanuel

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