The ACCER Awards 2020 is the fifth in a series, and comes at a time uncertainty abounds regarding climate action in the context of Covid-19 crisis. Journalists and media networks remain important actors in unpacking and building the synergy for the two crises, making a compelling case for them to be tackled simultaneously. A 2018 Research Programme on Climate Change, Food and Security, dubbed “Linking knowledge with action: The role of media in climate change adaptation and mitigation” highlights the need for journalists to understand the climate crisis, and highlights how they can help link knowledge to action.

There is no doubt that climate crisis is an existential threat to humanity and the health of the planet. Before Covid-19 struck, the international discourse on climate change was the most topical issue, even shaping the global geopolitical interactions. The nexus between the two crises – climate change and Covid-19 – will dominate the global stage for the foreseeable future. Political campaigns, even for the superpowers, are pegged on where each country is headed in terms of health, food security, energy access, economic stability and general security.

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By hannatu mato

The Courage in Journalism is sticking up for the unpopular not the popular

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